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Pride Candle & Soap
I like the scent of the products and the lather of the soap!  - Mili

My favorite lip balms
I ordered the 3 pack lip balm and am already in love. The formula is so smooth and light and the smell is enough to linger but not be overpowering. - Taylore

Pride Soaps & Lip Balm
I LOVE the soap! It's so pretty and smells amazing. The lip balm is honestly one of the best balms I've ever used. I love how the ingredients are all natural too. 

Reviews From Etsy:

 "I love the colors and inspiration behind this soap! It smells amazing and leaves my hands feeling soft and clean!" - Colleen, Mi Musica Soap.

"The fact this truly smells like peppermint is beyond me!! Every single product Ashlee makes, it never disappoints, hopefully next year I can buy more!" - Katia, Candy Cane Lane Soap.

"This lip balm is soft with a slight sense you can choose. The fact that it's gluten free is huge to me and my family who have to be on a gluten free diet which includes products as well. I will certainly buy this product again. Dr. R" - Juicy Pineapple Lip Balm

"This candle is good quality with an amazing scent and beautiful rainbow colors. A great way to celebrate pride. I would definitely reccomend this product!" - Jessica, Pride candle
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